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Directions to the Right Path

Directions to the Right Path & To Miss the Mark

In ancient Hebrew there is no (sin), this idea that western thought has developed to explore and rationalize in theory is completely lost to ancient Hebrews who lived and communicated in a language rooted in action.

Action words and concrete and physical concepts are what made the ancient Hebrews such a poetic and artist tribe of peoples.

These vastly different ways of interacting with the world: theory vs concrete has lead to the gross misinterpretation of much of what is relayed in the Bible.

Which brings me to the idea of sin- which is a theory meaning it’s not tangible it’s not something you can actually see per se.  For Hebrews to know is to see, if you can’t see it then you don’t know it.   

Sin literally translates in ancient Hebrew to: miss the mark or to lose your way (go off your path).

Somewhere along the way the indigenous mother tongue that brought a message of complete and whole self care and self acceptance was translated into a theorized self hate and self rejection.

This is why the teachings are important because the direction will help us to find our way back to our path and lead us to our destinations.

Chloe “Cornstalk” Sanchez (aka Janiece McIntosh)

Whole Person Care (Ee’lohaw) Specialist | Shadow & Light Worker | Medicine Woman & Curanderisma (herbalista) | Static Clearer | Dream Decoder | Reiki *Specializing in History, Language & Metaphysics


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