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Fabu Phit x Medicine Women

Welcome to the FABU PHIT x MEDICINE WOMEN portal.  

Fabu Phit “providing whole person care (ee’lohaw) and healing to those who need it most!”

Medicine Women teaches women and men how to heal themselves and create their own medicine from native plants and herbs found and grown across the Americas & Carribbean.

I created Fabu Phit after surviving domestic violence and child abuse.  I realized after university and becoming a mother, grant writer and entrepreneur that healing was needed in our society.  I looked around and there were not many places set up for women/men to rest, recover & heal.

I have found that there are very few spaces set up for the whole person care, recovery & healing.  Many speak about healing but fail to provide whole person care.  Many healers, teachers and guides will “treat” others by providing them with partial care and charge them full price for healing that should, in my humble estimation always be given for FREE.  

I’ve had countless new agers take advantage of me when I lacked the confidence and knowledge to understand that I am a healer and we ALL have the ability to heal ourselves, we only need knowledge, time and space and access to nature. 

Fabu Phit’s Purpose is to create and hold space for women & men to heal from violence, abuse, trauma or illness by offering whole person care (ee’lohaw) healing & support services.

I started Fabu Phit in 2014 offering FREE classes to women who have experienced violence, loss or trauma through a grant I wrote for myself and others to heal.  I provided organic healthy dinners to nourish us, Elder’s to teach us and ritual and ceremonies to help us all recover.  My services will always be accessible and affordable for those who need it most. 

Medicine Women began in 2015, naturally I became a Curanderismo (medicine woman & herbalist) as I took on the lead role in my life as my own healer and care provider.  Through courses, teachings and exploration I learned the science behind plant medicine and how to grow my own herbs, flowers and plants; essentially creating my own Medicine Garden and mastering plant identification as I foraged nature’s bounty across Ontario & Quebec. 

I created the Willowdale Holistic Garden Club: Medicine Women, to support the healing that I do through Fabu Phit with my own organic medicinal garden from which I can harvest herbs and plants to heal myself and others.

I also create products by growing my own herbs and tending to my medicinal garden through my group Willowdale Holistic Garden Club: Medicine Women to ensure that I’m providing the highest quality products to myself and my clientele.

Fabu Phit x Medicine Women providing whole person care (ee’lohaw) and healing for those who need it most!

Chloe “Cornstalk” Sanchez (aka Janiece McIntosh)

Whole Person Care (Ee’lohaw) Specialist | Shadow & Light Worker | Medicine Woman & Curanderisma (herbalista) | Static Clearer | Dream Decoder | Reiki *Specializing in History, Language & Metaphysics