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What is ee’lohaw?

Ee’lohaw (Whole Person Care)

I created the concept of ee’lohaw while on my journey to healing and wholeness.  It’s part of the House of Kabbo’s Root Teachings.  House of Kabbo is a space I created for myself to aid in my regeneration & recovery.

Ee’lohaw provides aid, support and comfort to the whole person and their healthy-style (personal and social life choices, behaviours and patterns).

To care when giving ee’lohaw means to have interest in another persons healing that goes beyond the transaction or exchange of currency.  To care means to take on the role as a supportive & informative friend to those who are learning how to heal and care for themselves.

Chloe “Cornstalk” Sanchez (aka Janiece McIntosh)

Whole Person Care (Ee’lohaw) Specialist | Shadow & Light Worker | Medicine Woman & Curanderisma (herbalista) | Static Clearer | Dream Decoder | Reiki *Specializing in History, Language & Metaphysics

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