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My Journey to Wholeness (ee’lohaw)

My journey with ee’lohaw (whole person care) & healing and how it’s transformed by my life. 

How did your business get started?

I created Fabu Phit after surviving domestic violence and child abuse.  I realized after university and becoming a mother, grant writer and entrepreneur that healing was needed in our society.  I looked around and there were not many places set up for women/men to rest, recover & heal.

I knew that I needed more skills and support so I applied for a business course at Centennial college and registered just after having my 3rd child.   

This course gave me the knowledge and understanding to grow my business and improve my clarity and vision.

I was then diagnoses with an “incurable illness” and began a journey back to SELF that brought me immense peace, joy and vision.

I created the Willowdale Holistic Garden Club: Medicine Women, to support the healing that I do through Fabu Phit with my own organic medicinal garden from which I can harvest herbs and plants to heal myself and others.

I utilized my skill as a grant writer to leverage the cost of programs and retreats and networks with communities who provide space and support.

Part of healing is expression and with this I tapped into the artistic part of healing to offer art therapy in diverse disciplines through my grassroots organization, the Young Artists Hub funded through Toronto Community Housing grants and City of Toronto Grants to ensure that the multifaceted technicalities of healing are met through all of my business endeavours.

I created products by growing my own herbs and tending to my medicinal garden through my group Willowdale Holistic Garden Club: Medicine Women to ensure that I’m providing the highest quality products to myself and my clientele.

What inspired you to be a business owner?

I grew up an orphan.  My mother lost her life murdered in the mess of domestic violence.  I had no siblings and was violated and abused by the time I was 16.  These experiences forced me to want more for myself and for my future family.

I graduated from the Ursula Franklin Academy with honours and a full scholarship to York University.  I became a mother, and ended a relationship riddled with domestic violence and further traumas.  This lead me to use the skills I acquired from York as an English and Drama major and the skills acquired from working at Theatre Ontario as a grant writer to create my own business, Fabu Phit “providing holistic self care and healing to those who need it most”.

I later had 2 more children and began my journey as a writer and author (pseudonym Shiloh Justice) and created space for youth The Young Artists Hub.

I was fighting a debilitating illness and a mother of 4 still healing from the traumas of abuse.  I decided to fight for my children, myself, my family and my partner for health and for life.

I created Willowdale Holistic Garden Club: Medicine Women to support Fabu Phit, working with funders like TD Friends of the Environment to create medicinal gardens where currently I grow my own herbs and plants  from which I create healing tonics, elixirs, topicals and teas (much more actually).

On a personal level as a Nubian woman, I began Black Women’s Health after learning black women are diagnosed and dying at rates much higher than our other sisters.  This means that more social and economic factors are at play and I wanted to go about the business of finding out why and seeing how and where I could contribute towards solutions.

What is your business mission/vision?

Fabu Phit’s Purpose is to create and hold space for women & men to heal from violence, abuse, trauma or illness by offering whole person (ee’lohaw) support and care services.

Fabu Phit “providing whole person care (ee’lohaw) and healing to those who need it most”

Medicine Women teaches women and men how to heal themselves and create their own medicine from native plants and herbs found and grown across the Americas and Caribbean. 


Chloe “Cornstalk” Sanchez (aka Janiece McIntosh)

Whole Person Care (Ee’lohaw) Specialist | Shadow & Light Worker | Medicine Woman & Curanderisma (herbalista) | Static Clearer | Dream Decoder | Reiki *Specializing in History, Language & Metaphysics

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