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Ka’uuk Welcome

Hokoleskwa ("a blade of corn")

The House of Kabbo was birthed from a dream. Before my mother went into labour with me she had a dream that she had given birth to a child covered in hair like an ear/husk of corn. Beneath the covered hairs was me and the dream startled her.

After I was born my mother navigated a tumultuous and devastating relationship that left her homeless and running for her life. While staying in a Toronto west end shelter I had fallen off the cot and when she picked me up an eye witness confirmed that my first word was PRAY 🤲🏽 Shortly after she was murdered, I was nine months old and although our time together on earth in the physical was shortened it paved the way for the wealth and depth of knowledge, wisdom and gifts that I so humbly accept and empower myself with today.

My mother continues to be an emblem of light for me although I missed the chance to meet her in the physical form I’ve gotten to know her spiritually and that bond binds and connects us through dreams, life and through realms & dimensions that span eternities. Kabbo!

Chloe Sanchez (aka Janiece McIntosh) 

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