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Bamboo Bookshelf Shared Author Platform (The Shelf)

Bamboo Bookshelf Shared Author Platform

New author? It can get pricey eh? With very little payback.  And really complicated especially when you are already strapped for time with very little payback…… well I’ve got a new online bookshop coming out soon and I want to offer new authors an opportunity to shine.

You can sell up to 3 books on my platform for $9 a month, regardless of how much you sell or don’t sell, my purpose isn’t to make money off you but to do something together that makes smart sense, economically.  It costs $25 - $100 to run a selling platform solo, which can eat into your profits.

All you’ve got to do is send me your products photos + description and your email address for direct deposit.  That’s it!

If you sell on my platform it’ll cost you $10 even if you make $250 that month. Essentially, we will all offset and leverage the cost of the selling platform expenses.

Much like Amazon you would be in charge of your book distribution and I would forward the to sale directly to you.  What is the biggest difference to Amazon is you make your full profit from your book sale.  If you sell your book for $25 you will receive your full payout.  You would also be paid every week according to Shopify payout in Canadian dollars and benefit from free promotion when I’m advertising for my own sales and vice versa of course.

💫 you get be part of our writer’s group Nubians (New Beings)

💫 and be part of our spoken word poetry show(s) Poets & Philosophers

Chloe Sanchez (aka Janiece McIntosh)

“Channeling my authentic truth … Let’s discover other worlds together…”

Shiloh Justice • Artist • Author • Poet • Philosopher • Urban Fantasy & Magical Surrealism *Specializing in History, Language and Metaphysics 


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