Welcome to the House of Frigg

The House of Corn, Wheat & Dreams

Greetings and Ka’uuk mi familia & friends 🙏🏽

10,000 years ago in Mexico the cultivation of corn began and its been nourishing and sustaining us all as a staple food to many ever since it’s development on Mexico’s sacred land.

Even before the cultivation of corn, around 9600 BCE in the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East wheat cultivation provided us with long standing sustenance and a foundation to health making accessible bread and porridge to even those oppressed by poverty.

And Dreams, what would we be and what would we have achieved if it weren’t for Dreams?  The ones that’s drive us, motivate us and lull is to sleep at night? The Dreams that fight fears and squash feats and melt the hardened parts of our hearts joining destiny with Justice to make it all right?

So welcome to my house of corn, wheat and Dreams!  May you find nourishment, sustenance and healing here.  May you release your self hate here and embrace self acceptance and heal.   

Chloe Sanchez (aka Janiece McIntosh) 

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