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Ginger Roots (Purpose)

Ginger Roots 

“Economically Smart Together” 

Pee’yah: Everyone is Whole / Everyone is full

Until we officially leave this system and transition into a lifestyle that works for us, our right path, we have to be economically smart together which will lead us away from a monetary system and towards our freedom and desired destinations.

I’ve been writing grants and creating projects since 2011 while finishing my BA at York University.  I’ve always been passionate about being able to provide care for those who need it most, recognizing that those who are the most neglected and traumatized also don’t have the “money” to get the care they need.

I did this until I couldn’t anymore, I had 4 kids and my health was suffering terribly as I ran 2 businesses, juggled a writing career and a full household.  I was stuck, I wanted to continue to create and offer aid and support to those in need but I just could not afford to anymore.  I was experiencing extreme burn out and I had to recognize that I was simply doing and giving too much.  (Haha old New Testament Christian habit).

I decided to take myself away, physically remove myself from everything that was bringing me stress- went to Barbados and came back renewed.  My perspective refreshed, I began to plant the seeds of Ginger Roots.

  • Pee’yah is a concept I created that means whole togetherness (everyone eats and is whole/full or everyone is cared for) For example: the more I am supported by my community (tribe) the more I can support others (continue to provide free whole person care and teachings) as we do this and make one another strong we find our right paths (to nature and harmoniously living without monetary exchange) by creating a community for ourselves that operates without monetary exchange because the community is supported.
  • We should use money in ways that make economic sense for us, we should work together to come up with ways for money to support our goals and visions.
  • Ginger Roots is how my community (tribe) feeds me and it’s one of the ways in which I feed them.  We eat together.  We provide a care network of support for one another, just like the rhizomes roots of Ginger. 

I welcome volunteers for projects, classes, events and retreats.

Any nourishment you choose to share with me is welcome, Ka’uuk!

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Currently I don’t have a team or staff.  I began this site with some web design, new media/social media design/art skills along with being a writer and creator my content is always flowing which allows me to do what I love: create!